Improve the sleep quality of your life with Sleeptic

Overcome the struggle with waking up in the morning!


Setting multiple alarms.
Repeating alarms every day or specific days of the week that you prefer.


Tracking your sleep with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs and statistics. Define your target sleep time and wake up time.


Select different games for each alarm. Mute or lower alarm sound while playing game.

Google Fit

Google Fit integration is available!

About Our App

Sleeptic app is combined with smart alarm and sleep tracking features to overcome the struggle with waking up in the morning playing different games that and analyze your sleep with detail graphs and statistics.

Awesome Features

Here are some awesome features of Sleeptic.

Prevent Oversleep

Prevent oversleep with different kind of games that offers a challenges. Disable snooze option or select different time options.

Multiple Sound Options

Multiple alarm sounds. Many sleep sounds to help you fast fall asleep.

Different Games

Memory Game, Puzzle Game, Shake Phone , Solve Math, Brick Breaker Game, Emoji Game and much more features.

Analyze Your Alarm and Sleep History

Analyze your sleep score according to your target with Sleep Debt, Sleep Quality, Sleep Efficiency and much more graphs.

Compare Your Sleep Scores

Compare your sleep datas with previous week, month and year; with different weather conditions, with your different kind of health datas and with different modes like Eat Late, Travel, Sick or more.

Save and Share

Save your important events not to forget and share your sleep scores.

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